Highest Standard in Foundations

Create the perfect finished look and feel for your coordinating foundation.

Jeffco Fibres builds hundreds of foundations every week using all American wood. We offer a dropship compatible KD foundation with No-Tools assembly, specialty compressed foam foundations, along with standard all wood foundations and Bunkie Boards.

Our in-house Cut & Sew experts provide specialized foundation cover design and our advanced equipment guarantees the highest quality products. Every piece is inspected by our Quality Assurance team for the perfect finished look and feel for your coordinating foundation.

When your Foundation is complete, it is then packaged for the most efficient delivery and shipping options. Our dedicated logistics department will work with you to plan, ship and track your orders, and we offer integrated EDI dropship fulfillment. Inventory management and direct to consumers shipping with the same or next day ship windows is also available.



Many of our products are manufactured and assembled in the USA. Great care is taken to make sure they meet the finest standards of American Craftsmanship. Proudly made with superior quality, materials and artistry. When you work with Jeffco you know you are supporting an American Manufacturer.

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